Wendy Galvan

Wendy Galvin

Wendy Galvan | LVN

Operations Manager

Wendy Galvan graduated Nursing School as an LVN in 2014. She has been working in the field of mental health and substance abuse since her graduation. Wendy’s enthusiasm in helping others to recover from addiction issues has led her to becoming one of the best in her field. In her time working in substance abuse treatment she has worked in detox and residential healthcare and knows the ins and outs of doing treatment safely and efficiently from a medical perspective. Wendy served as a Nursing Manager and oversaw a team of nurses and held them to the highest standards of care. She is due to graduate with her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management in 2022. Her experience in medical compliance and passion for helping other individuals has led her to having a unique perspective. She leads through integrity and believes that all individuals seeking treatment should be provided exceptional care.

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