Behavioral Health Consultants

Behavioral Health Consultants

Exploding growth in the behavioral health industry is a direct response to the increasing numbers of individuals battling mental health or substance use disorders. If you operate a new or existing behavioral health clinic or treatment facility, you may wonder how your treatment center will stand out as a leader in the field?

Our behavioral health consultancy provides that second set of eyes, offering clients an objective analysis of your operation. Behavioral health consultants can help you identify any areas of weakness within your organization, and then offer targeted solutions that lead to improvement in those areas of focus.

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What is a Behavioral Health Consultant?

Behavioral health consultants are professionals that specialize in guiding clients within the behavioral health space toward defining or clarifying their vision and reaching stated goals. The consultants are able to provide this assistance based on their decades of specialized expertise gained while working within the behavioral healthcare field in various capacities.

Behavioral Health Management Key Areas of Focus

A behavioral health treatment center is regulated under many of the same agencies and safety requirements as other medical healthcare entities. This requires you to be in compliance with state and local licensing procedures, which can be quite tedious and time-intensive.

In addition to all the legal paperwork to be attended to, you are tasked with developing an effective treatment program for individuals with mental health or addiction concerns. Our interdisciplinary consultancy is available to assist you in achieving this core mission by offering expertise and guidance in these key areas:

Compliance consulting

Our firm can provide assistance with initiating and completing licensing and/or accreditation filing requirements to ensure compliance. We can also help you update existing agency records to adhere to any revised requirements, standards, or practices. Compliance consulting includes:

  • Quality assurance
  • State licensure and certification
  • Compliance review
  • Local zoning guidance

Program development

Our consulting team will help you strengthen all aspects of your program’s design and implementation. Areas of focus include:

  • Fine-tuning your treatment program’s curriculum
  • Updating software systems
  • Adding an additional level of care for growth potential

Organizational health

Our consultancy excels in helping treatment centers improve the lifeblood of their business – its organizational health. Using an integrated approach, we will guide you toward:

  • Improving leadership alignment
  • Team development
  • Defining your mission and identity
  • Improving company culture
  • Initiating performance measurement systems
  • Strategic planning and financial health
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