What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Behavioral Healthcare Compliance?

outsourcing behavioral healthcare compliance

Behavioral health organizations often try to meet compliance, regulatory, risk, safety, quality, and licensure/accreditation needs in ways that are either inefficient, ineffective, or both. There are reasons for this, such as a lack of awareness, lack of knowledge, or lack of resources.

Granted, it isn’t always easy to find experienced, credentialed, and qualified professionals to fill the roles of behavioral health compliance officers. Some behavioral healthcare centers will hire compliance officers due to their legal or other forms of expertise, but then miss out on skillsets needed for overseeing a comprehensive program.

In reality, few candidates are qualified to manage the myriad elements and intricacies of a program, as required by the federal government, in addition to meeting all licensure, accreditation, and other standards – and while also managing incidents and issues that arise on a daily basis.

How Circa Behavioral Healthcare Solutions Can Help

Specializing in the behavioral healthcare space, Circa can help your organization in all areas of compliance. It can:

  • Assess current risk areas
  • Develop a work plan
  • Implement a program to meet your needs

Our specialists can serve as interim compliance officers or fractional compliance officers. Likewise, they can serve in a support role to an existing officer or team that will benefit from their compliance expertise, allowing them to manage daily needs. Our team of independent experts can quickly assess needs, mitigate risks, and construct solutions to prevent, detect, and correct in all areas of the operation.

With Circa managing your compliance needs as an external compliance officer, you take the burden off your internal staff so they can focus on client care. You can also rest assured that our team is apprised of any updates to standards and regulations, helping your center avoid any fines or issues with licensure/accreditations.

When Circa is overseeing compliance, your behavioral healthcare center achieves higher levels of productivity and profitability. The cost savings then allows for uninterrupted program implementation and superior subject matter expertise.

What Sets Circa Behavioral Healthcare Solutions Apart?

Consider these advantages that Circa brings to the table:

  • Industry Knowledge. We have deep industry knowledge, as our team has collectively more than 100 years in the behavioral health field.
  • Team Approach. Our team approach ensures that all standards are met for administrative, human resources, operational and clinical/medical risk areas.
  • Licensed Professionals. Our Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) professionals provide ongoing confirmation that all elements of an effective compliance plan, program, and processes are met at all times.

With all of this subject matter expertise, Circa Behavioral Healthcare Solutions is the behavioral health expert compliance team to assist with enhancing, evolving, and managing your compliance needs. Call us today at (888) 458-6619.