DHCS Licensing

Understanding the DHCS Licensing Process

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DHCS licensing is one of many forms of licensure required for behavioral health service providers in the state of California. Learn about the process for completing the DHCS licensing process. What is the DHCS? The DHCS is a California agency…
who licenses mental health facilities in california

Who Licenses Mental Health Facilities in California?

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Before a mental health treatment center in California is cleared for patients, it must first receive the proper licensing. This is a required step that ensures that patients will be safe and receive proper treatment protocols while in treatment.…
what is a drug and alcohol facility license

What is a Drug and Alcohol Facility License?

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Prior to opening a rehab center, there are some important steps to ensure compliance with state requirements. What is a drug and alcohol facility license? Read on. If you are in the planning stages of launching a rehab center, you are probably…
how to start a rehab center

How to Start a Rehab Center

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Understanding The Steps To Opening a Rehab Center Addiction and Mental Health Residential Treatment Programs The desire to open a rehab is a noble goal. No matter how much you want to help people, the truth remains that your program still…