national recovery month

September is National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month National Recovery Month (Recovery Month), initiated in 1989 by SAMHSA, is an annual nationwide celebration that takes place each September. It aims to champion and endorse emerging evidence-based treatment and recovery…
Joint Commission updates

Every January and July, Joint Commission Submits Changes

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Important of Compliance Monitoring As compliance officers, one of our roles is to ensure organizations are always up to date on regulations and rules that ensure continuous compliance. In my work on compliance teams, I have often found that…
heat wave guidance

Heat Wave Guidance from The Joint Commission (TJC)

Preparing for Extreme Temperatures Have you seen this recent heat wave guidance from TJC? Helpful reminders to make sure HEAT or other weather issues are included on your HVA, in emergency plans in case of a power outage, and update supply…
DHCS Licensing

Understanding the DHCS Licensing Process

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DHCS licensing is one of many forms of licensure required for behavioral health service providers in the state of California. Learn about the process for completing the DHCS licensing process. What is the DHCS? The DHCS is a California agency…
Joint Commission Audit

Behavioral Health Joint Commission Audit

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Gaining accreditation from the Joint Commission is a pivotal piece when opening a behavioral health center. The accreditation process can be arduous and complex, sometimes causing delays and other challenges when attempting to open your doors.…
Press Release

Announcing Our New National Compliance Director

Circa Behavioral Healthcare Solutions announces their new National Compliance Director, Maeve O'Neill, who brings over 35 years of extensive experience in the behavioral health field. Mrs. Maeve brings valuable knowledge from her prior position…
hipaa compliance for behavioral health

HIPPA Compliance for Behavioral Health

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Privacy Rule are laws that protect patient privacy. Consumers of medical, dental, and mental health services are very familiar with the practice of signing HIPAA release…
who licenses mental health facilities in california

Who Licenses Mental Health Facilities in California?

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Before a mental health treatment center in California is cleared for patients, it must first receive the proper licensing. This is a required step that ensures that patients will be safe and receive proper treatment protocols while in treatment.…
time management in rehab centers

Time Management Hacks to Improve Rehab Center

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Time Management in Rehab Centers If you operate a rehab center, you know firsthand how easily your plans for the day can be quickly sidelined. You may find yourself wondering how you can improve efficiency. If so, the following time management…