patient suicide risks

Improving Joint Commission Standards Compliance Around Patient Suicide Risks

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As a behavioral health compliance business partner, Circa Behavioral Healthcare Solutions is dedicated to ensuring that our partners stay updated on all regulatory updates. The Joint Commission, as an accrediting body utilized by many licensed…
DHCS Licensing

Understanding the DHCS Licensing Process

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DHCS licensing is one of many forms of licensure required for behavioral health service providers in the state of California. Learn about the process for completing the DHCS licensing process. What is the DHCS? The DHCS is a California agency…
Joint Commission Audit

Behavioral Health Joint Commission Audit

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Gaining accreditation from the Joint Commission is a pivotal piece when opening a behavioral health center. The accreditation process can be arduous and complex, sometimes causing delays and other challenges when attempting to open your doors.…
benefits of accredidation in healthcare

Benefits of Accreditation in Healthcare

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What are the benefits of accreditation in healthcare? To understand this, it helps to think of accreditation as a stamp of approval. Not only approval from the agency that is doing the accrediting, but also from your patients and colleagues…
time management in rehab centers

Time Management Hacks to Improve Rehab Center

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Time Management in Rehab Centers If you operate a rehab center, you know firsthand how easily your plans for the day can be quickly sidelined. You may find yourself wondering how you can improve efficiency. If so, the following time management…
behavioral health branding

4 Steps for Behavioral Health Branding Success

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A behavioral health entity is a business, and like any business has its own brand identity. Learn about the steps you can take to ensure behavioral health brand success. When you begin the work of marketing your behavioral health program,…
Circa Behavioral Healthcare Solutions

Circa Behavioral Health Joins NAATP

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Circa Behavioral Healthcare Solutions is excited to announce they are now apart of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers directory. The mission of NAATP is to provide leadership, advocacy, training, and member support services…
hiring process in behavioral healthcare

Hiring Process in Behavioral Healthcare

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It's important to understand our staff is our greatest asset, especially in behavioral healthcare. The hiring process and having the right people on your team and providing the proper care is important so great leaders can do a really good job…
leadership development

Leadership Development

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Leadership Development In Behavioral Healthcare When it comes to leadership development we are developing the leaders from the top down in an organization. This is important because everything starts and ends with our leaders at the top. As…